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New Medical Community Resources

In order to better illustrate the types of food packages WIC clients receive when enrolled in the WIC program, the Communications team at Spokane Regional Health District developed several printable documents that include vibrant and user-friendly visuals of food packages for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding moms, infants, and children. The medical community requested this resource as a tool to guide conversations with their patients who may be eligible to enroll in WIC services, especially those soon-to-be-mothers who may be considering breastfeeding as their first infant feeding choice.

In addition to the many benefits a mother provides her baby through breastfeeding, WIC moms who exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months and continue through to at least a year are eligible to receive food packages for that entire year. Exclusively breastfed infants are also eligible to receive an increased amount of baby food, including baby food meats, at 6 months of age (the age at which WIC supports introducing infants to solid foods).

WIC supports any infant feeding choice a mother makes, and we strive to provide assistance and education through each stage of pregnancy, infancy, and the toddler years.

SRHD is an equal opportunity provider. Washington WIC does not discriminate. More Info