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Medical Community

Most of our WIC clients with chronic and other diseases luckily have a medical provider in the community. Our program is unique to staff several highly-skilled Registered Dietitians (RDs) to assist them in managing their conditions, including creating individualized care plans specific to their needs.

WIC RDs constantly strive to establish and maintain working relationships with the medical community in order to ensure continuity of care for our clients as well as exceptional quality service.

Are you looking for the WIC Prescription forms? They are now called WIC Medical Documentation forms. Find them to the right under Resources!


If you or your medical office is interested in learning more about the WIC program and its RDs, please contact us for more information and/or to request a presentation.

Additionally, we are happy to provide outreach materials at no-cost for your patients and clients to learn more about our program and get connected to our services. These materials include informational brochure cards, video for digital streaming, and informational posters.


WIC approved formulas

Changing Your Baby to a New Formula

WIC Medical Documentation form - child

WIC Medical Documentation form - infant

WIC Medical Documentation form - women

ABCD Dental Referral list for pregnant women

WIC Infant Feeding Guide

Community Resource Referral list

WIC promotional materials - general rackcard

WIC promotional materials - dads rackcard

WIC promotional materials - office poster


WIC Client Food Package Visuals

Fully Breastfeeding vs. Non Breastfeeding Mother/Infants Food Package Comparison

Partially Breastfeeding vs. Some Breastfeeding Mother/Infants Food Package Comparison

Child Food Package

Pregnant Woman Food Package

Postpartum Woman Food Package

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