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WIC clients have access to a variety of personalized services that promote and support a healthy future.

Personalized nutrition education for you and your family through individual and group sessions.
Freedom to redeem vouchers at most area retail grocers to obtain nutritious and wholesome foods
Access to certified Registered Dietitians (RDs) for services such as individualized care plans for chronic diseases, including diabetes management
Access to certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) for targeted breastfeeding support to reach your breastfeeding goals
Weekly breastfeeding support groups for pregnant and breastfeeding moms led by breastfeeding peer counselors
No-cost breastfeeding classes to prep you, your partner, and anyone else in your social network for the arrival of your baby and the adventure of breastfeeding
Continued support through the all stages of pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood



SRHD is an equal opportunity provider. Washington WIC does not discriminate. More Info